Client Evaluation

The GOLDLAKESM Educational Model provides an organic structure for a guided experiential approach. It provides a strong academic curriculum that includes the arts and living artfully.

Appreciation for the intellectual and the aesthetic aspects of society are taught to enrich and enhance the student's life. These are fundamental to the quality of life's experiences.

Education is 'custom designed' to provide a reference point to nourish, balance and train the intellectual, intuitive, and physical faculties of each student. The development of creative leadership skills and self-confidence are key elements.

Mentorhip and apprenticeship programs are integrated at all grade levels to encourage 'real life' situations.
This ensures the journey does not end, but continues into all aspects of life.

The GOLDLAKESM EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM has 5 key areas. These provide the foundation and structure of the unique learning environment.

THE CONTEMPLATIVE MODEL has five basic components:

Wholistic education
Integration of academic and performing arts curriculum
Thematic subject integration
Apprenticeships and Mentorships
Professionals - In – Residence Program

LIVING ARTS PROGRAM - Provides opportunities for students to develop awareness of aesthetics in everyday life

INTERGENERATIONAL PROGRAM - Identifies and develops resources and programs based on needs and interests of the family and community

EXPERIENTIAL/APPLIED LEARNING PROGRAM - Encourages the young adult to step out into the world beyond the classroom and embody what has been understood. Students work in 'real life' situations within the community and business world that are directly related to their development

ENRICHMENT LEARNING PROGRAM - provides for the following functions:

Development of profiles
Identification of interests and abilities
Remediation and enrichment
On-going evaluation