Teacher Training

A Teacher Training is scheduled for July 2-31, three times a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12 pm at 6199 Chebucto Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Registration is May 25-June 18. Please call 902-429-5434 or email: Goldlake@Goldlake.org for registration information.

TEACHER TRAINING begins with the personal development of leadership and confidence enhancement, then expands outward to include building skillful relationships and team synergy.

PART 1 - Self-development focuses on the individual and the development of body, speech and mind awareness.

Body awareness asesses: individual fitness levels; healthy nutrition choices and meal preparation; decorum to instill appreciation and provide aesthetics in everyday life.

Speech awareness reveals how we speak, and the content of expression reveals our sensitivity to ourselves and others. Being precise in the words we use demonstrates our awareness and concern for proper communication. Public speaking is included in the course objectives.

Mind awareness is reflected in how we are. The mind directs all activities and indicates how we respond to ourselves and our environment. The attitude we display in all aspects of our living, colors our world. How we appear visually and move through space, what we say and how we communicate, as well as the attitude and texture of our presence in situations, affects others.

Working skillfully with others requires open, clear communication. Team synergy instruction enhances problem solving and creative thinking processes.

PART II- is essentially a teaching practicum which emphasizes a contemplative thematic approach that includes arts integration.

Teachers learn to create:

A nurturing learning environment
Optimum classroom management techniques
Individualized profiles
Activities for different learning styles
Inter-disciplinary teams
Customized learning program
Curriculum integration of the arts and academics